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Unassisted homebirth: your experience

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With my second home birth, I knew I was in labor at about dinner time the night before. I told my husband my contractions were pretty steady and I thought baby would come that night. We were not ready. It was two weeks before baby was due and we didn't even have diapers in the house for an infant! Hubby had to run out for a few supplies. I know I showered and who knows what else I did. I just remember feeling like my house was a wreck....I called my midwife but for some reason she seemed to think I had time, since with my daughter she was here for a couple of hours before baby came.


I have several friends that have chose homebirth.The one I cannot justify at all is unassisted birthing (no midwife, no doctor, just you.)There is a lot that can happen during labor and doing it without someone who has some sort of training, midwife or doctor, seems crazy to me.

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Unassisted homebirth: your experience
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