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Did you decorate hospital room door when your baby was born?

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I don't plan to with this baby. Maybe in the future with another baby I will.


No I didn't feel it was necessary. But I did get balloons and flowers to set a kind of decorative mood. But no I didn't intentionally decorate or do plan to in the future.


We did not decorate our hospital room. I''m not sure if I would have even if I had the time or energy. I was very thankful for the family members and friends that brought or sent flowers and balloons. So, that basically decorated our room. When it was all that was said and done, it wouldn't have mattered if the room was decorated or not b/c my child lit up the room.


No but at the hospital they put a set of his foot prints up on the outside of the door


I think that would of been a good idea to decorate our door for our new baby. Now I wished we did but the thought didn't cross my mind then. Maybe next time I will make a door hanger for the next baby.

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Did you decorate hospital room door when your baby was born?
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