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Do you think it's hard to be a baby

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I honestly do think it's hard to be a baby. Sure, on the surface it seems dandy... I yell, you feed me, wipe me, cuddle me... I sleep whenever I want for as long as I want. You do everything in your power to keep me pleased. Your whole life seems to revolve around me, for the most part! (That sounds kind of like slavery now that I think about it... maybe more like indentured servitude, trading your services for joy, love, learning, and patience! Not a bad trade, if you ask me


No, it's not hard because I mean come on!!! They get to be held, fed, dressed, diaper changed, play time all the time and everything is so new and exciting!

Yes, it is hard because all you can do is cry. You can't tell your parents that you need that diaper change, you're hungry, or you feel gross and could use a bath.

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Do you think it's hard to be a baby
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