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Is slight pinkish discharge normal during early pregnancy

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a long time ago

A slight pinkish discharge can be normal during early pregnancy as it can be the time in which the fertilized egg attaches itself to the uterine wall.

It can also be cervical polyp. A cervical polyp is a harmless growth on the cervix and can cause bleeding during pregnancy due to increased estrogen levels

it may not be normal for you so always consult your doctor.

a long time ago

Light pink discharge during pregnancy can be a sign of a preterm labor that happens very quickly and should be defined early. In case you are not sure whether the discharges you have are the signs of this condition, check whether there are any other symptoms of the preterm labor, like: bleeding, menstrual like cramping, leaking fluids increase in pelvic pressure, changes in vaginal discharge. backache. About 15% of all women experience light pink discharges during pregnancy and 50% of these women miscarry.

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Is slight pinkish discharge normal during early pregnancy
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