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Risks of having a baby at 15 years of age

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Having a baby at 15 has many risks that come along with it. Teens have a higher risk of blood pressure, lack of prenatal care, premature birth, low birth weight baby, postpartum depression, and etc. Having a baby that young steals your childhood and makes you grow up whether you want to or not. Believe me I had my girl at 16 pregnant at 15. I never once thought that she would be a stillborn, I was an emotional wreck after her. You aren't ready to have a child that young, can you handle the doctor telling you ¨I'm sorry but your baby is gone?¨ Or ¨your child will have health conditions.¨ It can happen because most pregnant teens don't get the right care for them and the baby.

Just wait to have sex!!! Think about your life, you have so much time to have a child. Be strong enough to say no, believe me a baby won't make him stay. Honey if you really think that you have some growing up to do. 8 out of 10 teen parents stay together, you probably won't be so lucky. Sorry but just wait to have sex, it's not worth it to rob your baby of the life he/she deserves because you want to have sex. I'm not saying all teen moms are bad but we could of made better decisions when it came down to sex.


It is hard on you, child, environment.

Make it easier on everyone.

Do not rush. I know it may be a thing you want now - but more you wait - the better it is for everyone:)

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Risks of having a baby at 15 years of age
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