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Having a baby at 40: what are the risks

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One risk of trying to have a baby at 40 is that our fertility goes down through the years, and you may find it more difficult to get pregnant. You also have increased chances of miscarriage and stillbirth if you do conceive. Other risks include low birth weight, placental problems, and high blood pressure. If your partner is also around forty, there's an increased chance of schizophrenia and Down syndrome in baby as well.


I've had six babies between 30 and 40 so I don't think age should deter you unless you have a medical condition that your doctor advises you against it. This is a personal decision between you and your husband.


A new study found that women who had their last child when they were 33 or older lived longer than those who had their last child by 29. It doesn’t necessarily mean one causes the other—it’s possible that being healthy enough to get pregnant later also causes longevity—but it’s encouraging news for those who waited until our late 30s to have children. I had my last baby at 40 and that pregnancy was easier than the one at age 25!

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Having a baby at 40: what are the risks
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