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How having a big baby will affect the birth

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I have had five babies in the nine pound range

The only issues I had with my births was the medical interventions with my first because they didn't think or know if I could deliver a big baby. Then with my 9.3 daughter I experienced slight shoulder dystocia since she came so fast.

Other than that my births were normal. I pushed about an hour with my first and last but the others came a lot faster.


my first child was 8 pounds 6 ounces at 41.5 weeks and I believe it did affect my birth, being hard to push him out. But really the fact that medical staff put me through unnecessary interventions probably had more to do with the problems I had.

On top of that, nobody tells you about having an episiotomy, as being the worst thing ever.


I had GIANT babies.. well compared to my friends...My son, was 9 1/2 lbs... and 2 feet long.. that's 24 inches.. and the nurses and Doctors came to see for themselves this freak show of a baby..My daughter? 8.16... and again.. 23.45 inches... and one dimple...Bot were pink and round and perfect and compared to my friends new babies looked like they could eat them..

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How having a big baby will affect the birth
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