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How do I know I am pregnant: early signs

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But to add to the discussion on a more serious note...
Yes..you will be irritable...before I knew I was pregnant was blaming the water for my bad hair days..it was hormones changing it. Also complained about water retention..and tummy feeling weird and sore breasts..then I realized I was pregnant :)


Laura your symptoms described...have to laugh because I am in my 50's and these same hormone changes....sensitive breasts...moodiness...feeling sick..wait till you hit menopause!
Gosh I hope I am not pregnant at my age...lol


The early signs I usually had were exhaustion , I was so tired and wiped out . My breasts also got sensitive and swollen and I got super moody and then I would start to get nauseous but that was usually after I had already found out that I was pregnant . All women are different though and some don't really have any or ones that they notice right away .


When I got pregnant each time I was actively trying so I tested early. The earliest positive I ever got was at 8DPO. That said I started to experience pregnancy symptoms soon after the positive - who knows if some of it was in my head, but I recall being hit with the wall of exhaustion really early. Morning sickness didn't typically start until 5.5-6 weeks though.

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How do I know I am pregnant: early signs
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