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How do you take a pregnancy test

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It's best to do it in the morning when your urine is more potent. The directions are usually on the box. You can either pee right on the stick or pee in a cup and let the stick sit in there. I personally just peed on the stick for both my home tests. It usually takes a few minutes for your results to show up, but mine showed almost immediately haha. Both were positive and 10 months later, BOOM!


1. It is best to use your first morning urine, because it is the most concentrated.

2. You can either pee directly on the stick or pee in a cup and dip the test into the urine. I suggest using a cup, it is more accurate and cleanly.

3. Only put the recommended amount of urine on the test, too much or too little might give you an inaccurate result.

4. Wait the recommended amount of time on the test for the result to appear, I think it is usually around 2 minutes.

5. Once the control line appears on the test and the proper amount of time has passed you can read your result.


Pregnancy tests usually come with directions. If they are missing you can try and find them online. There are two ways to do it. Midstream where you urinate on the tip of the test or collecting your urine in a dry clean cup and dipping it. I personally prefer the cup method. Some tests come with a little dropper where you pee in a cup and drop drops in to the little hole of the cassette.

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How do you take a pregnancy test
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