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Exercises to help your baby sit up

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Oh Baby.. so many! There are so many "things" you can buy to help a baby sit up too.. but aside from that, you can do many activities to help strengthen their backs! Let's see..

- tummy time in itself helps everything really strengthen for a baby

- simply sitting on the floor with your legs open and then sitting the baby like you, letting them lean against you and helping them play with toys is a great activity

- the baby bumbo is awesome at giving them more and more time to sit up all by themselves.. you want to make sure they are never in this too long or that the bumbo is ALWAYS on the ground - always!

- an exersaucer can help the back muscles as well as the legs, it's a great full body little work out for your baby!

Over all, just do something little every day, consistency is key!

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Exercises to help your baby sit up
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