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Moms, how controlling are you of your kids?

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My daughter know what to do and I make sure she does. She helps me clean and makes sure if there's garbage she'll clean it. She knows there's consequences for what she does. I know people probably talk about me being a teen mom so I want to show them I keep my kids in control.


Michael is nothing in comparison to his sister, but he also gets consequences for his actions whether they be positive or negative. If he gets good grades and does what hes supposed to he gets time with friends, or a new part for his bike or four wheeler or whatever.


And of course I judged every parent with a child on a leash (harness) and assumed they were bad parents and couldn't control their children.Aside from a child with any now common issues of control, anxiety, hyper activity, autism, etc... and the harness used as a safety device... I still am on the fence about them.Maybe my kids disposition was just different and by no means would I insinuate that I was better or more diligent at it, so that my kids didn't NEED a harness or leash...

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Moms, how controlling are you of your kids?
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