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How to burp a baby properly

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There are many ways to burp your baby, with my younger two children they had to be held facing away from me in a sitting position on my lap. I would place my head around their body to support them, lean them slightly forward and pat their back. My first born was always best burped if I placed her facing me, holding her as if I was going to hug her, she had to be halfway up on my shoulder, so that her tummy was on my shoulder, then pat her back. You can also just hold them as if you are hugging them with chest near your shoulder and pat their back. If burping doesn't work the first time around, try again. Babies will not always burp right away, but if they seem fussy from being gassy, keep trying to burp them every so often until they burp.


there are 3 methods to burp your baby properly. #1 - put him/her on your chest or shoulder and support her with one hand, then gently pat or rub his back with the other. #2 - hold them farther up on your shoulder. Their stomach should be pressed lightly against your shoulder, sometimes it will help to release a burp. #3 - lay them on your lap, facing away from you. Use one hand to support her body and palm of your hand should be supporting her chest while your fingers gently support her chin and jaw. Lean your baby forward and gently pat or rub her back with your other hand.

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How to burp a baby properly
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