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How to cut babies' hair yourself

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I usually sit mine on the bathroom counter facing the mirror or chair. Then I recruit another member of the family to make faces at baby or talk to baby so I can cut their hair. Now that we have an iPhone I have used it with our youngest more times than I care to admit since he has been getting hair cuts since he was several months old.

I generally wet down the hair, I find it easier to cut wet, and use hair cutting scissors to cut their hair. I don't use hair clippers until they are older and have thicker hair.

Be prepared for them to wiggle and squirm because they will. The key is to get your helper to keep them occupied so you can get a fairly straight cut done. I find I often have to fix it the next day. And it's ok to take breaks because babies only have a short attention span.

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How to cut babies' hair yourself
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