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How to deal with husband's mom

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It can be an adventure of sorts when it some to in laws..stick to your way your rules your schedules or what have you,,if they try to intervene just let them know that they had a chance to be parents and while you appreciate the advice you will do things the way you and your partner have agreed upon..they don't like to hear that lol but if you let them push you over your say as a mother will dwindle under overbearing opinions


the only thing that keeps me going on dealing with the in-laws" is patience.there are sometimes that they will make me feels empty, embarrass and sincerely hurt but i have always remind myself that grandparents know more things than I do. They are more experienced than I am. They're also like teachers, perhaps not all they say are good but I'm learning.in the end of the day the best thing i get are lessons.


I simply don't deal with her unless is necessary! !!


Lianna's grandmother was truly a burden to me and Lianna. She was always controlling and I'm just glad she's outta our lives for good and forever. Some people just over step their boundaries and well she was one of them. All his family was


Respect is key in any relationship! Giving respect will definitely help any relationship including one with the in laws.


I think one of the biggest issues we had to overcome in our relationship and marriage was the beginning stages when his mom wanted to control it. I ended up making it very clear to my then-boyfriend that I was not going to be put down or ridiculed by his mother and he either stuck up for me or we wouldn't make it. She needed to know that I mattered to him.


I used to get along great with my husbands mom until I had my baby, we are currently living with his parents because my husband had a stroke while I was pregnant and it has taken us a while to get back into the swing of things. She drives me insane! She walks into our room in the mornings sometimes without knocking to see if the baby needs anything and it is so irritatiing! She is getting better about it since we have talked to her but she is always acting like she was such a better mom!

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How to deal with husband's mom
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