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How to get pregnant without him knowing

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I cannot imagine attempting to raise a baby with a partner who I've deceived in such a way. I also have a hard time imagining what happens when that baby starts to grow up, or if it comes out that you were sneaky...It would not be a good situation at all. If you're feeling like you're ready, please talk to him about it before poking holes in a condom or secretly going off birth control...


This is never a good idea. It isn't going to improve your relationship or get him to stay. A baby is a choice that both people have to agree on. It is not fair to anyone to force them in to parenthood. Things happen but not with someone else pushing them along. Maybe you should talk to your spouse and see if you can decide when a good time is. If he doesn't want children and you really do maybe you should reevaluate your relationship.


I can't even think of anything more deceitful than to do this to a man. I mean you are committing him to a lifelong commitment. I would hate to be lied to in that way and I think doing that would be a horrible beginning for a precious baby.

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How to get pregnant without him knowing
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