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What are creative ideas for memory scrapbooks

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You will have to come up with different themes. You can have scrapbook pages with different themes or whole books depending on what you are interested in doing. You can find patterned paper, embellishments and ribbon at the craft store. It's always cool to use ribbon to make a title or a name. Try and include special things like ticket stubs and mementos of events. You can really become creative. Just have fun with it.


You'll want to think of a theme for your scrapbook. Is it a memory book for the first year of your baby's milestones? Is it to remember a family vacation? An ode to eras gone by for an older relative celebrating a birthday?

For themes, you could use seasons, holidays, hobbies, paintings, drawings, small cut outs, and bits of ribbon or lace.

After you arrange your pictures and decorations, you could even add a poem or a memorable quote.

The ideas are endless for creating your own memory scrapbook.

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What are creative ideas for memory scrapbooks
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