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Ways to reduce feet swelling during pregnancy

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Puffy feet is something I had with all of my pregnancies , especially the 2 that I was super pregnant during the summer . Try and put your feet up as much as you can throughout the day and make sure to drink plenty of fluids . Soaking my feet in cool water always helped with the pain and the puffiness too .

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The best way to reduce feet swelling during pregnancy is to keep your feet elevated as much as possible when you are in a sitting position–and ever so often when lying down, If you have a job that requires you to stand for long periods of time without a stool or footrest, try lightly marching in place for a few minutes at a time – this will help alleviate some of the pressure off of the feet and keep blood circulating.


I try to rest my feet as much as possible and elevating your legs help supply a fresh blood flow to your legs and feet. My first midwife told me that for every 2 hours that you work (or stand) you should take a 15 minute break period just to put your legs and feet up.

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Ways to reduce feet swelling during pregnancy
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