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How early can you feel fetal movements in pregnancy

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With my son, I felt him moving at 17 weeks. With this one, my daughter, I felt her at 14 weeks.


It depends on every person. This being my 4th pregnancy I've noticed butterflies a lot. Maybe baby maybe not! Considering I'm only 8 weeks I'm not putting much thought into it. Lol


I am now in my 15 weeks and this is my first pregnancy. I have been getting a sticking feeling in my sides and below my abdomen.....wondering if it is the baby moving.


Ok so I thought I was crazy till I took the pregnancy test, but I felt butterflies in my tummy. Thats how I knew I was pregnant in the first place and it was not gas. I am now 9 weeks and I still feel them from time to time...This is my 5th child so I guess I should know what it feels like by now.


I've felt my little man move off and on the past few weeks, I'm 19 weeks and 2 days. Yesterday I got up suddenly out of bed to go pee and I freaked out because after I moved so quickly I felt a tingly sensation around my belly button and something poke out around that area. This is my first baby but that experience is something I wasn't expecting. I'm still laughing at my own reaction. :-P


It depends on each woman, since each body type varies. I felt the first flutters at 17 weeks and the first real kick at 20 weeks. I know with the second you can feel them earlier. I suppose I will find out later if this is true.


I think it depends on each women and also on how many other pregnancies you have had . They say thinner more petite women usually feel movement sooner than a more curvy woman . Also the more pregnancies you have had usually the earlier you feel movement or the little flutters because you know what the sensations feel like . I think with my first it was around 20 or 21 weeks and by the time I was on my last it was around 16 I think . Don't worry though if you don't fit into the "usual" time . Its different for everyone , If you are concerned ask your doctor and they may do an ultrasound just to put you at ease .


I didn't start feeling movement until I was almost 20 weeks, and it is just now starting to be more consistent.

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How early can you feel fetal movements in pregnancy
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