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How to treat baby's dry skin conditions

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Hello I don't know if you are aware of a product called Renew it's organic and it's made for babies, moms, dads, and anyone skin it's a really cool lotion and if you are interested in purchasing some just send me and email and I can get you a sample sent to you.


I love Aveeno baby because you can get it fragrance free. Plus, it's all natural. My son suffered from Eczema and Aveeno Eczema cream helped more than the prescribed ointment from a dermatologist. I also use regular Aveeno baby lotion fragrance free on him, as well as the fragrance free baby bath. I trust Aveeno products for my family.


I use Aveeno Baby fragrance free for my son, and I moisturize him three times a day. It's a moisturizer and not a lotion since lotion can clog pours. The skin needs to be able to breathe.


There is a lotion called Renew that is the best lotion for even the severest cases of eczema and other skin problems. It is safe for people of all ages. It is 7x more effective than Eucerin in moisture retention. If you are interested in knowing more, let me know.


what i had done in the past is oatmeal bath with warm water and Aveno cream!


My son Joshua had eczema then he was a baby until he was about 4 or so . We used Aveeno oatmeal bath a lot to help with his dry itchy skin . He loved to mash the clumps of oatmeal in his bath . I also used the Aveeno bay wash for him as well . A good lotion like Eucerrin is great for the rally dry areas . Bag balm does wonder for the feet of they have dry cracked skin on there toes or feet . Put it on and then put socks on before bed .

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How to treat baby's dry skin conditions
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