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How do you treat your baby’s constipation

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Whenever our babes have issues we get a q tip, put Vaseline on it, and turn it counter clockwise. Works EVERY time.


My baby has had severe constipation for months on and off poor thing, and with a lot of trial and error and advice from the doctors we've finally found a method that seems to be working.
He has prunes at least once a day and takes a bottle with half a cap of miralax in it per day. The doctor wants me to keep it up for about 3 months until he stops getting scared to go. (He's trying to hold it in).
Then I think I will gradually be weaning him off the miralax.
Make sure your baby also gets water and juice every day as well as his milk and baby food.


A teaspoon of Karo syruo mixed with two ounces of water before my son started solids. Now, we give him pears or apples and the fiber in it softens his stool that or some juice.


Water or fruit juice 100 percent apple, prune or pear juice and pureed pea or prunes. And barley cereal instead of rice cereal.


with mine i give them water, mix water with plum juice, lots of fiber, greens and thank god i had no problem!


It depends on the age of your little one. My son, was breast fed (or received breast milk in a bottle). When we introduced solids it was a nightmare.
My pediatrician said that if we wanted him to poop…feed him "P" foods (peaches, pears, peas, prunes, etc). It worked!!
We would also use a warm bath and bicycle his legs. A belly massage and "Baby exercises" would help as well.

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How do you treat your baby’s constipation
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