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When can your baby go in the pool

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ozzie went to a baby pool when he was 6 month, wilber when he was 9 month and gianluca was 7 month and they love it


I went swimming with my JJ when she was 4 months old. When I would bathe her she'd love it so I thought why not take her swimming. As of now we take mommy and me swim classes starting next Monday.

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I didn't put any of my children in a chlorine pool until they were much older (school age). In retrospect, I do wish I would have put them in one earlier, just so that they could have had the experience.

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We have only ever taken a couple of babies into the pool under 6 months. Our last child I took in the pool within a month after birth because we were YMCA members and I didn't want our other children to miss out just because we had a baby

Given the choice I would probably always choose going in the pool and making memories than missing out on the fun that can be had

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First of all, make sure your baby enjoys the water. He/she plays with a washcloth, splash around, and enjoys floaty toys.Second, make sure your baby trust the water.Once baby is comfortable with water in the shower and tub, it's time to graduate from to the pool.Third, baby should feel comfortable and safe in the pool: warm water, life jacket, swimming diaper on, etc.

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1. I’m working on helping baby enjoy her crib, so I got him a projection soother that attaches to his crib and projects a scene onto the ceiling. He loves to look at it!
When can your baby go in the pool
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