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1 year old temper tantrums: should I use time-outs?

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it depends can he speak well enough to tell you what's wrong . if he can't do that so well then its not advisable. However if it is over a toy and you know that or he hit you and then throws one yes you can by all means do so. But if he's doing it over food or important things I wouldn't he hasn't gotten his words down enough to express it yet but its okay that will be fixed in time.


Mostly my son throws a tantrum when he's hungry or thirsty and can't vocalize it. So I am doing two things - diverting and distracting when he's in a tantrum so that he forgets he was upset - and trying to avoid them happening in the first place by offering food or drinks to him every hour or two and repeating the words "drink" and "yes/no" or "hungry" so that he starts associating those words with the action so eventually he can just tell me when he's hungry or thirsty.
The only time I'm using a time-out at the moment is when my son plays near or with something dangerous or an area he's not allowed to play in. I will just put him in his play pen for 1 minute so that he can learn every time he goes into the "no" zone or plays with a "no" he will go into the time out area. It seems to be starting to work!
I really think at 1 they're too young for punishments yet. Most of their frustration comes from being unable to communicate and they shouldn't be punished for that. Comfort is what they need in these situations.


When James has a tantrum, I tend to give him quiet time in his playpen. It usually works for about 10 minutes. Then I pick him up, tell him I love him, and let him play more. If his tantrums continue, however, I pick him up, give him a hug then put him back in his playpen.


My daughter who is 9 months old started to throw a temper tantrum yesterday. I was shocked at first, then I realized that it's all part of child development. I simply ignored her for a few moments, picked her up and we went outside and played. By acting unimpressed, I discouraged her from continuing her temper tantrum. Temper Tantrums can start as early as 10 months old. A few babies, as they approach their first birthday will start to attempt a temper tantrum. Stay calm, after the storm passes, hold your baby, talk quietly and move on to another activity.


1 year old an temper tantrums. These are tough for everyone. They are angry and not sure how to express themselves. Your angry b/c they are having a tantrum. I believe they are too young to know, understand, and sit in a time out. What I would do is take away her favorite, toy, book, or whatever at that time. Don't keep it long just enough to make a point. If they continue the "bad" behavior, take the item away again. Until it clicks with them and they associate the two actions.


My daughter is 1 and is a pretty smart little girl. She follows her brother around every where and that even means the corner. She sees brother do something he isnt suppose to and ends up in the corner and usually follows him there on her own even though she generally isnt in trouble. However, I dont think its too early to put her in time out if she does something she shouldnt simply because she is learning In my opinion

For our family corner generally works and even the little one goes in corner on occasion. Do what works best for you and your family but dont expect a 1yr old to actually stay for more than 10 secs lol.


I don't think you can use traditional time outs with a one year old because they're too little to understand what's happening. I think it's best to just let them get their frustrations out and ignore them. That way they learn that kind of behavior doesn't get them any attention. Of course, always make sure they're isn't actually something wrong like being hungry, tired, or uncomfortable.


At 1 year old, a time out isn't going to be effective.

At that age, you need to figure out the reason for the tantrum and address it

During the older months of 1 I tend to try and figure out what the tantrum is for, remove the child from the situation and talk with them calmly... possibly even having a time in. A time in in our house is where the child and I sit together in a quiet space and I hold them quietly until they are able to calm down


no! For a multitude of reasons.

1. They do not understand cause and effect yet. Without that understanding, which doesn't develop fully until around 3, it doesn't really do much.

2. A child has temper tantrums because their prefrontal cortex is under developed and they run mostly on impulse. They have no idea how to control their emotions, they don't even know what emotions are.

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1 year old temper tantrums: should I use time-outs?
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