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15 and want a baby: reasons why

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If you're 15 and want a baby, wait!! If for some reason you think having a baby will help your life you are wrong. Your life will most likely be different a few months down the road just wait. You have many challenges without a baby already and a baby will add tons of more challenges. Of course you can overcome it all but it can take longer than planned. Babies are tons of work and it's 24/7 you don't get to just do what you want anymore. Everything you do is about you baby now, homework is hard to fit into your schedule because you're tired at the end of the day and then have to feed your baby again in two hours. You have most of your life to have sex and a child. Your child's father most likely won't stay around, he'll leave then it will be all you. How will you pay for everything? You can't even drive yet, you have to depend on others for a ride. Sex is a easy thing to do but parenting and raising a child is a tough thing to do. You take the chance of having a baby every time you have unprotected sex. Is it really worth the risk? Stand up for yourself and say no, it's okay too.


I was 15 and pregnant. Although I would not change how everything went if I could let other people know I would..PLEASE WAIT. You have you entire life ahead of you. You have dances, boyfriends, colleges, jobs, traveling and so much more. A child is HUGE responsibility! The teen mom shows really do glorify having a child. Its not all fun and games. At 15 you are only making minimum wage..formula is over $15 a can and sometimes you will have to change the formula 3 times before the child gets it right. Diapers, doctors appts, clothes, and much more. Yes their are welfare programs but you dont want to have to sit there in line waiting for hour to be seen only to be told oh you only will get $200 a month. Thats half of what you will spend on groceries ! Babies are cute yet, but when you are financially ready. Maybe babysit or go to your local daycare center. Talk to young moms and get some advice. Wish you the best

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15 and want a baby: reasons why
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