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16 month old tantrums: what to do?

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Toddlers are very independent at this age. They are also learning to communicate, and when your not understanding what they want,; they will get frustrated. Talk to your toddler in a calm voice, redirect to a new activity, try and understand which situations are setting your toddler off, use the "no" word sparingly and show how much you love your toddler no matter how frustrated they get.


Calm them, with soft shushing sounds and hold them. Give them love. If your upset by something put them in their crib/playpen and count to 10 calm yourself. Remember they can't easily verbalize what they need/want. Take your time to try and understand them and what they want, explain to them that they can have what it is or can't calmly.

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16 month old tantrums: what to do?
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