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18 months tantrums: how to deal?

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Understanding your toddlers temper tantrums:
Independence is growing stronger everyday, but your toddler can't always express how he/she feels. Teaching your toddler a healthy way to express his/her feelings.
Ignore the tantrum, then talk to your toddler.
Find out what triggers the tantrum.
Give simple choices.
Don't yell at your toddler.
Provide a regular schedule, that way they know what to expect everyday.


redirection is key.

Most of my baby's tantrums are usually the result of me not letting her do something--say, climb on our ottoman, sit backwards on the couch, or steal her dad's cell phone right out of his hands

I still say no, and try to explain in very simple words

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18 months tantrums: how to deal?
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