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Differences you experienced between 1st and 2nd child?

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I was so concern on how i was going to manage home and work with my 1st son , but with my 2nd i spoke to my husband i was going to take time off from work!!


I breastfed my 2nd child, but not my first. I struggled a lot with it, but I did enjoy it when I did get to do it with her!


With my first I expected everything to go perfect.I was very up tight and thought children should be raised a certain way.Well in between the 1st and 2nd I realized you'll definitely learn as you grow and what works for your family and kids.


From experience, we let our first one cry it out and I never, ever did that again. It went against every motherly instinct I had. :( I regret it to this day. From our second child on, we responded to her cries as needs/wants.

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Differences you experienced between 1st and 2nd child?
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