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5 year old temper tantrums: using reward charts

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Reward charts can be very helpful as an incentive for children's good behavior.

Before using a reward chart, you should find out why your 5 year old child is having temper tantrums. Were they hungry, thirsty, frustrated, or upset about something ? I would try and acknowledge their feelings first and see if you can meet their physical needs. If it's an emotional issue, talk about it with them. I don't like the idea of punishing children for having very human emotions, just like adults do.

If there's a long term desired behavior you'd like to see or a negative behavior that's being continued you wish to have curbed, reward charts may be the way to go. Think about what motivates your child. Is it treats, stickers, fun activities, or toys? Do you want it to be an everyday incentive or a long term incentive, such as weekly?

Brainstorm with your child what you will put on the chart and how they can earn rewards. Do they get a smiley face or a star for each time? Do they have to collect a certain number for their reward?

After considering all of those factors, you'll be sure to come up with a winning reward chart your child will love!

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5 year old temper tantrums: using reward charts
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