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Help your 6 year old control their tantrums

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Your 6 year old is old enough to understand what kind of behavior is appropriate and can help brainstorm different ways to control themselves. Reassure them that it's ok to feel angry. It's not ok to be mean to other people or things.

Is there usually a trigger for their tantrums? Does it tend to happen due to low blood sugar from not eating? Are they overtired? Are they frustrated about something?

If it's usually due to hunger, keep a granola bar handy. If they're overtired, give them a chance to rest quietly for a while if possible. If they're frustrated, remind them to nicely ask for help.

Offer them different suggestions for anger management. See if they're responsive to breathing exercises, meditation, writing down their feelings, talking about it, or just asking for a bear hug. Let them take action for controlling their own behavior.

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Help your 6 year old control their tantrums
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