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How do you feel when you're 7 months pregnant

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I felt great at 7 month pregnant! You are still able to move around for the most part. That baby will be moving tossing and turning all around. I was eating really well and gaining the weight I should have. I was pregnant during the summer months so, I was dealing with some swelling in my fingers, feet and ankles. I would go to bed and when I woke up the swelling had gone down.


I was 7 months pregnant with my second daughter and at the fair with my daughter and husband and my pants started to get wet. So I started freaking out thinking my water had broke and went to the bathroom just to find out I had peed a little!


I am 7 months pregnant and I still sleep on my stomach sometimes it has always been my favorite sleep position so its hard to break out of my baby is fine if she is awake she starts poking at the bed alot like get off of me

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Check your pregnancy week by week. Newborn
1. I sent out invitations to my baby shower! (or I had my hostess do it.) I made sure to include information about my baby registry.
How do you feel when you're 7 months pregnant
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