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Reading to a baby: when to start?

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I began reading to Jonah as soon as I found out I was pregnant. I also talked to him and would tell him what I was doing throughout the day. I would say, "Let's go wash some dishes/laundry now and then we are going to go shopping later." Things like that. Jonah will sit through book after book. He loves being read to and love books.


I read to James when I was still pregnant, then I started reading to him like 2 days after he was born. My fiance (his daddy) just started reading to him at night as well.


I want to start reading to my baby when he or she is in the womb. Hopefully, it will help improve cognitive function and allow them to slowly begin to learn language.

Since I am a book nerd myself, I intend to read them all manner of material, baby books and adult books alike. Though, I might skip on the horror for my little one.


Its never to early! I started reading to my boys the day they were born!


My husband and I have been reading to Aubrielle since she was born. She may not understand what we're saying, but we have her full attention! She loves to listen and look at the pictures!


I have been reading to my daughter since I found out they can hear you in the womb, I have a lot of children books and read a couple of them to her everyday.

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Reading to a baby: when to start?
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