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Fun activities for toddlers at home

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The good news is that toddlers are easily entertained. The bad news is that they're also easily distracted so they may not spend much time with one activity.

For physical activities, play a gentle game of catch with them or roll the ball back and forth on the floor. Make an obstacle course. Play duck duck goose or musical chairs. Have a dance party.

For quieter activities, provide some art supplies and a blank sheet of paper. Let them put puzzles together. Give them lacing cards.

For noisy activities, make some instruments out of household items.

For imaginary play, tupperware and empty boxes rule.

For hands on play, create sensory bins. Make play dough. Bake. Cook. Give them a sand or water table. Blow bubbles. Draw with sidewalk chalk outside.

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Fun activities for toddlers at home
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