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Discipline strategies for aggressive 5 year old

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5 is a tough age. Most children are entering into Kindergarton. They arent your little baby anymore. They will face all kinds of pressure from school work to meeting new friends. They are developing new personalities during this age.
1. Always remind your 5 year old what is good behavior and what is bad.Make sure they understand.
2.Look for the cause: If your child is being difiant or having tantrums. Find out when he is having these problems and what is cauing it. Sometimes it could just be a TV show he is watching that whines and carryies on. Dont allow him to watch the show. See if this makes a change.

When my boys were little they LOVED spongbob. Well they were always yelling! I could not understand why they had to yell and scream all the time. It took me to realize Spongbob is always carrying on! I took that away from them and they stopped the screaming for no reason.

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Discipline strategies for aggressive 5 year old
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