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Why toddlers throwing things when they're angry?

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Toddlers throw things because they have very little impulse control Truly, their brains are not developed enough to stop themselves. By age three, impulse control is much more developed. But until then, if the child comes to find an object in his hand, there’s a good chance it will be thrown. It’s fun for him to test out his increasing strength. They also explore the way things make a louder noise when thrown; what bounces and what breaks; and, which knick-knacks make mommy use her angry voice.


I think this is pretty common behavior. Imagine if you suddenly had no good way to communicate to anyone around you. Wouldn't you get frustrated? Toddler's brains grow really fast and all the new information they take in can create an overload. That coupled with an inability to express yourself equals irrational behavior. Throwing things is the best way they can come up with to express their feelings.

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Why toddlers throwing things when they're angry?
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