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I tried to homeschool. I taught my oldest for two and a half years. It was really more than I bargained for, and I didn't put enough time into it, nor did I have the patience. I gave up in the middle of third grad e. My other kids have only gone to school, and I think it was much better. I'm glad I gave up homeschooling.


I think that kids who homeschooling get more experience, and they do have alot of social activity. I know some people who homeschooling and their kids go to the park almost everyday, make crafts and more! I don't homeschooling because I think kids at school get MORE social activity.


I think homeschooling is good if you have the time, patience, and educational experience to do so. However I also believe it puts a little hindrance on the children socially, one of the points of school is to incorporate the ability to work with others to achieve a goal and I believe that going to school vs staying home. Going to school wins


I home schooled my son 4 about 2 years. He has ADHD & it as great for him. He wanted to go back to public school. We have let him go. Hes seems to like & wants to keep going.If he decides he just cant handle any more then ,we would go back. The teachers did say that he was ahead of what they there teaching & 7th grade so it was more like a review for him.We think that the yrs. that we did really help him. Good luck to all who does. It's a full time job & commitment!!!


No i couldnt . beacause my children wouldnt have best friends.


well thought indeed. as a mother I would love the idea but as a psychologist, I would not recommend it unless you have a special reason for it. long story short, school provides a different environment to kids that has no comparison at all. The same language, social interaction and leisure activities, no doubt, you can provide your children, but school will not be replaced by. like you have a park in your home, even then kids would like to go outside.....like you have all you need at home, even then you will go to club......all psyche is changed when kids go to school. School is school- not home.....you can be your kids parents and friends but you can not replace the importance of friends in your kids life. hope you get it. thanks


Now I do understand about the socialization aspect as well though. You want your child to be able to handle themselves in any situation. However, there are so many extra curricular activities available now I think it's more easier to have the social interaction then ever before. If I'm not mistaken, in Ohio the school district where you reside has to allow your child to participate in the extra curricula activities afterschool, such as a sport or any clubs. That is also an option. Plus there are so many groups that you can join where families that are homeschooling go on field trips together.


I am not totally against it but I prefer to give my son a real school environment.Every kid learns how to live through the things they have inside our respected home but we give them education for them to know how to blend with the people because someday they will be exposed and grow to the world outside our houses.I want my son to be oriented how people differs and whatever learning he will get


The main argument I hear against homeschooling is 'socialization'... Personally, I don't want my kids to be around kids (especially at young ages) who can't behave. It's not like homeschooled kids are stuck in the house all the time. We get out, we go to the grocery store, walks, park (ok..maybe not the park so much-but that's more because I avoid the cousins who live by the park), church. They have interaction with humans other than mom, dad and grandma.


I personally feel strongly that kids need to be in a school environment. They learn life tools. That they can't get from being socialized just in a park or a class.

Of course I want to protect my kids from jerks and mean girls and all that but in all honesty.. Even as an adult .. That doesn't go away. It just changes.

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Parents against homeschooling
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