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The difference between Autism and Asperger syndrome

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Aspergers is not a diagnosis anymore according to the DSM-V. Autism has a spectrum that is loosely defined by three sections: mild, moderate and severe. Mild is what the average Asperger's child would have been considered before the change.

It has become more clear that a child who might be on the mild to moderate end of the spectrum could have strengths or deficits in specific areas. The differentiation lies more in the communication skills (both expressive and non expressive) than anything else. However, a child on the mild end may have severe sensory issues but be very verbal where as a child on the severe end may have very little in the way of sensory issues, but be completely non verbal.


Aspergers is a mild form of autism. In general, aspergers is associated with social awkwardness, possibly some OCD-like behaviors, and sometimes sensory issues. Autism is a much more severe case of these symptoms, and some additional symptoms on top of them. Most people with Aspergers are able to function in the "normal" world but are probably labeled "weird" because of their difficulties with social situations.

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The difference between Autism and Asperger syndrome
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