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What you can do when your baby cries

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a long time ago

Rocking or walking with baby can do wonders, as well as playing music. Another way to soothe babies can be with steady, spoken voices such as audiobooks and documentaries. Rubbing baby on the back or tummy can be soothing. The seem to have a calming effect on babies. A favorite toy, song, or book can also help.


Baby cries when there is something wrong, like a diaper change or time to feed. Baby loves just being close to you. I walk around singing or talking to her, even silence is great.


I've heard rave reviews about​ the seats that vibrate to soothe baby.

a long time ago

I remember my sister calling me in a panic when little one would not stop crying. He had colic. I told her to go through everything...is he wet? Is he hungry? Does he want to be held? If nothing then just place him in the crib make sure he is safe and then grab the baby monitor and have a nice sit down and breathe,

a long time ago

The first 3 months can be rough... You literally just have to get through it in any way you can... Someone told me to not pick him up the second he cries and to not go to him right away... But, he was 2 months old... Go to your baby... Do what you need to do... get through it and when the colic fades... you begin...

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What you can do when your baby cries
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