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Your babies: throwing up or spitting up?

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Spitting up is a easy dribbling flow of baby's stomach contents through baby's mouth. Most likely with a burp or because they ate to much. Vomiting is a forceful flow of stomach contents shooting out inches from the mouth.


For the most part you can tell the difference but sometimes with Noah having reflux he will projectile vomit sometimes right after a bottle , its horrible . It doesnt phase him but just whoever gets hit !! LOL Usually with throwing up they have a stomach ach and will be fussy .


Vomiting is different from spitting up, which your baby will also do, vomiting is most likely linked to feeding problems, such as overfeeding or indigestion. A less common cause is an allergy to proteins in your breast milk or formula. It's important to talk with the doctor if you think your baby may have a more serious problem.

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Your babies: throwing up or spitting up?
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