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When do you start having sex again after your baby is born?

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Yes six weeks is what you're 'suppose' to wait but I think you know your own body and if you're careful and comfortable... go for it!! With my daughter I was all about waiting the 6 weeks. Now I am 30 weeks pregnant and after I pop him out, as long as everything goes according to plan, I'm going to get down to business as soon as I feel like it's possible. During this pregnancy I can count on a half a hand how many times we've awkwardly and uncomfortably had sex. Hopefully our sex life gets back to normal (pre-prego) just like after our daughter.


I had a c-section and hubby and I waited two weeks. It felt just as it did before and he was careful of my incision. When I went for my check up at 6 weeks I told my Dr that we had started having sex after 2 weeks and she said as long as I'm comfortable that it was okay.


Well the doctor usually says 6 weeks but honestly with a few of mine I didn't wait that long . I think with my last it was actually longer though . It all depends on your body , the kind of birth you had and how you are feeling emotionally and of course trying to find the time to between feedings and diaper changes and no sleep and if you have other kids , well it might be awhile !! LOL


I think it really has to do with your body. Having your 6wk checkup is very important and so is the Doc go ahead, but in all honesty we know our bodies best! I waited until after my 6wk check up with my daughter because of stitches inside! Although with my son, no rips at all and I was in very good shape pre pregnancy that helped me heal so much quicker! I made sure I felt great and no bleeding for more than 7days. My husband and I got back into the sack 3wks after! My hormones were crazy and everything felt great. Somehow the birth of a baby made us love each other in such a new way we couldn't keep our hands off!


My husband and I just had sex again for the first time a few weeks ago. My daughter is 7 months old. I didn't plan on it being that long, I just kept pushing it back...

We actually scheduled a night ahead of time so we could make sure we didn't have any excuses! I was nervous and it wasn't the best time we'd ever had, but it helped me get over all of the baggage that was holding me back. Now I'm not scared and I finally feel like we've gotten our relationship back!


The doctors say your suppose to wait till your six week check up. I think we waiting about 5 weeks with our first daughter, my hormones were crazy ;). I don't remember how long we waited with our second daughter but probly the 6 weeks or longer cause we were scared to get pregnant

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When do you start having sex again after your baby is born?
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