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Mother with babies:tips for traveling

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If your traveling a few hours from home or more than 6 hrs with baby be sure you make a list of all the things you need for baby and be packed and ready to go the day before.
Diaper bag/diapers/wipes/burp cloth/change of clothes/wash clothes/entertainment/medicine/food/snacks/sippy cups/bottled water/breast pump/blankets/lovey/plastic bags/ hand sanitizer/window shade/changing pad/


Traveling! We travel at least twice a month for 6 hours sometimes 7. JJ sleeps for 4 hours when we travel usually. After that I sit with her in the back and entertain her. We stop after she wakes up and change+feed her. She's really good with being in her car seat because she's been traveling since 3 days after we got out of the hospital.


Pack enough diapers to get you to your destination

See if you can rent a pack and play or borrow from someone where you are going.

Put all the baby clothes in a space saver bag...this allows you to just stick it on top of your clothes in your suitcase.


Bring bottles! Even if your baby is being weened from them... traveling is not a good time to stick to this. Also, bring things that will remind your baby of his safe place!


Tip number one: don't do what we did! We traveled from Chicago to Nova Scotia, Canada in like 24 hours (It's a 32-33 hour drive) with a 5 month old. Oy! We never did that again. I think the lack of rest affected my milk supply and none of us were happy with the lack of sleep.

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Mother with babies:tips for traveling
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