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How do you celebrate your baby's 2nd birthday?

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I think two is a good age to pick an easy theme and make it simple. Usually 2 year olds have a favorite show or a favorite character. I used Sesame Street as the theme for Clara's 2nd birthday and it was great. We went to Party City and bought a ton of Sesame Street decorations and a friend bought her a big Sesame Street cake. Her 1st birthday was big, and a disaster lol. So I wanted each birthday after that to be fun and all about her. She had a great time with all her presents and spending time with family. And remember that at 2, your child can still get tired pretty quickly, especially with a lot of people and things going on. Try to keep the party short and to the point. I really wouldn't make it an all day thing because your 2 year old probably isn't going to last all day and you're going to end up with a cranky toddler lol. They need a break after all that partying lol.

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How do you celebrate your baby's 2nd birthday?
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