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Baby outlet covers: how to choose?

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The best method to use in choosing baby outlet covers is to start cheap, seriously, there is the simple plastic ones that you can buy in bulk super cheap then there are the ones that have nifty locks on them that I swear are parent proof too which are more costly.

When choosing which type outlet covers for baby proofing would be based on budget and how curious your child is. My middle child could open any of the cheap ones and even learned the expensive ones pretty darn quick. I learned that I simply had to teach him not to touch the outlets. Ever. Period. That's it.

If you have an every day child who will not worry about taking the covers out then use the cheaper ones if at all possible as they work really good and are the easiest to take out. If you have a curious child like my middle child was, you may want to go higher end with trickier locks being the best option on baby proof outlets.

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Baby outlet covers: how to choose?
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