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Should I purchase a playpen or a baby gates play area?

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I never used baby gates or playpens only because I was home most of the time and could watch her and make sure she was safe. I would say between 12 months and 24 months, a play area blocked off by baby gates would be a good idea as long as they are still allowed to explore within the confinement. At about 24 months, you might discover that your toddler does not want to be confined and would much rather explore and I think this exploration should be encouraged. I would only use baby gates to block off specific areas you absolutely do not want them to go near.


Playpens or baby gates were extremely useful gear for us because there were times when we needed to keep Henry self contained or to roam in a safe area unrestricted respectively.

We used the playpen downstairs for Henry to have his own space for naps when my ILs watched him so they wouldn't have to navigate the stairs with him. Because they're elderly and not in the greatest health, it was one safety precaution that made it easier for everyone.

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Should I purchase a playpen or a baby gates play area?
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