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Who do your baby's eyes look like

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Gianna's eyes are a bright light blue color just like my mother. Dad has dark brown eyes and I have light brown but not super light eyes. My other kids have dark brown eyes as well she got lucky and I'm jealous.


When I was in college, I read an article that stated that people with blue eyes are more sensitive to the sun. I thought it was crazy, until I noticed that I was always squinting and my husband, who has dark brown eyes, rarely squints in the sun or complains about the light.

So when I had my babies, I always made sure to protect their eyes in the sun, especially my daughter who has blue eyes (my son has dark dark brown eyes)


My oldest looks just like her daddy but with my hair and my youngest looks mostly like me, both have daddy's beautiful baby blue eyes. I'm curious to see how their apperance will grow because my mom looks identical to her biological mother and I look almost just like my mom( to the point if you put a picture of all 3 of us side by side its freaky lol).


My baby boy has a huge, wide smile ...nearly from ear to ear and has blue eyes like his daddy.

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Who do your baby's eyes look like
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