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Is it true that baby fathers change once the baby comes

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Not necessarily, it depends on the guy really.. My boyfriend ran around all night while I was pregnant.. when Avery came home he had school and work and after that he was home with us for the first month.. than it went back to running around staying out all hours of the night and doing what he wanted.. just a couple months ago I put him in his place and now he has been maturing and actually being here and spending time with us. My daughter is now 10 months old.


Once your baby comes things change and so do the fathers, they realize that they need to mature and be responsible and reliable. Let them take part in helping out you'll be amazed at the way dads find their own way to soothe and comfort their baby.


They say a woman becomes a mother the second she knows she is pregnant! The man on the other hand, when he first sees his baby. Being a mother is my reason for living. It is my dream and my life! So taking care of everything and anything is my forte! My husband tried, as any man would, to understand pregnancy and hormones but they can only do so much! After his son was born it's like everything clicked! Making me dinner, cleaning, running all errands, working and taking care of our 6yr old daughter! I think once I stepped back he knew he needed to step up. They have some "paternal" instincts somewhere deep down ;)


When my husband became a father he couldn't have been more happy about it. But after the baby came home. I started to think my husband has lost his mind. Because he would never remember anything I told him.And it was always my job to take care of Andrew. So I did ask my husband what happened to the man at the hospital that helped me with everything. Wherever he is you better go find him.

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Is it true that baby fathers change once the baby comes
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