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When do babies get their teeth

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it all depend on the child my oldest was teething at 2 month showed 1st tooth at 7 month... middle child was teething at 8 month showed 1st tooth at 10 month.... last baby was at 3 month and showed at 6 month...


Babies usually teeth between 3-6 months. My son's teeth began showing at 5 months but broke through at 6 months. It all depends. Some babies can even get their teeth early as 2 months (I did), and some are born with them; this is known as natal teeth.


Most babies will get their first tooth around 6 months of age, but all babies are different and some don't get any until they are 1 year old.

My daughter started teething at 3 months but she didn't get her tooth in until 6 months old on may 4th. Then her second tooth came in a few days after. She has 2 teeth now and she's 7 months old.


Usually between 5-7 months but all babies are different some get them sooner and some don't get their first until around a year old . My boys have all gotten their first around 6 months

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When do babies get their teeth
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