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Should you have a baby shower for a second child

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I think you should, especially if you are expecting a different gender this time. I know of some who had another boy or another girl after they had their first son/daughter and did a diapers and wipes party instead since they still had baby stuff from their previous one.


I am having a baby shower for this one simply because i did not have one for my first.we were to busy dealing with a family member who was passing away to do it


i did, my 1st child is a girl, second one is Boy so i had one, if the he ended up being a girl, no i woulda had a "Diaper Shower" insead(:


Honestly , I had one for all of mine . To me it isn't about the gifts , it is about celebrating a new baby coming into the world . It is nice especially with the first to get some of the things you need for the baby but that is not what is most important . You can always ask for people to bring diapers or wipes instead of anything else , you will need those no matter how many kids you have had . Or maybe a book or honestly you could just say no gifts , tell them just to come for a celebration of the new little one .


I would say that's up to you. But I've never had a baby shower. I was always taught not to ask for presents and me asking somebody to throw me a party where I ask for presents pretty much goes against that. I would have loved to have one..but now I don't need one because I have all the baby stuff I need.


Of course you should! Why would not want to get new things for each baby you have? Whether you have the same sex or different, every child deserves to be celebrated and receive new things just for them. Sure somethings should definitely be reused , especially the more expensive items but I think you always celebrate each new child like they're your first. To say otherwise is ridiculous.


I think its okay to have one for each sex but maybe not every baby

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Should you have a baby shower for a second child
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