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How to make my baby sleep more at night?

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First off.. you need to sort out WHY your baby isn't sleeping much or well at night.. does he get hot or cold easily? Perhaps the timing of the last feeding is off? Do they tend to need a diaper change throughout the night? Do they need that pacifier to soothe them? Does white noise help or hurt them? Are they over stimulated before bedtime? Do they need to be slowly relaxed before bed.. ie.. with a bath? or bottle?


Swaddling our Son played a HUGE part in him sleeping through the night.

My Mom had him with her for the night when he refused to sleep from Midnight-2 am. (We were pretty miserable) She KNEW he wasn't hungry, so she kept talking to him (without picking him up from his bassinet) saying he was find and to go to sleep. He cried a total of 20 minutes ( a LIFETIME for a parent) and then went to sleep. From that point on he was asleep all night.

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How to make my baby sleep more at night?
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