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Safety of introducing solids to baby at 4 months

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I believe I actually started my boys off at 4 months but my 1st born at 6 months. I would go with whatever you feel best though, just because it's "okay" to give solids at 4 months, doesn't mean you have to. I usually waited to ensure my babies were showing signs.


My little baby boy was cleared for solids on Thursday. He just turned 4 months old.

I remember with my first we were told not to start anything until he was 6 months old and now its okay at 4 months.


Anyway, the baby is almost 4 months and she is hungry ALL-THE-TIME. She takes 5oz and then still wants more.

Everything I read says 4 months but by golly I'm about to lose my mind with waking up 2-3 x/night to give her a bottle.


both of my children had stomach problems such as colic an acid reflux my son started eating solids at 4 months exactly an never had another stomach ache.

my daughter which is only 7 months now has been drinking sweet acidoplas milk since she was 3 months old because that was litterally the only thing that she could hold on her stomach an again she started solids at 4 1/2 months an has not had her acid reflux bother her since.

.i dont agree with the waiting until 6 months for all babies cause all babies are different an all babies progress different in size, age and everything eles

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Safety of introducing solids to baby at 4 months
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