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Funniest thing you've done from baby sleep deprivation

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Instead of putting my kids breakfast (cooked scrambled eggs) on a plate on the table for them .. I put it in fridge (the plate) and walked away. Moments later the kids were wondering where their breakfast was.


I ask because my dear friend shared the FUNNIEST story of getting up and nursing her baby so much during the night, totally lacking on sleep and one early morning, her husband went to get ready for work.. and she (no idea why) swore she had dropped her baby on the floor and immediately dropped on her hands and knees screaming for her husband and crawling to look for her baby.. who.. was sound asleep in her crib.. ha!

the husband said he would change the diaper quick.. well a few minutes passed and the baby was still crying so the wife asked if everything was okay.. got up to look.. only to find the husband was diapering the DOG.

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Funniest thing you've done from baby sleep deprivation
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