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Should I let my baby sleep with me?

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No our kids never slept with us. I always heard other parents who said they let their kids sleep with them have trouble getting them used to being in their own bed. I believe my bed is for me and my husband and my kids needed to learn their bed is for them. It's worked out well. Of course, this is a personal choice. I'm not against what others want to do but this is what we decided on.


My husband and I have co slept with our daughter since she was about 2 months old. We love to have her close by and the connection that we have with her is priceless. I still breast feed my almost 10 month old. Its also easier to feed her that way.Isabella can sleep just about anywhere with no problems. Its just a choice we made and we are always careful. I can feel her when she moves even a tiny inch, so its never a problem. She hates covers so she is always free from pillows and the comforter.


we co sleep but I keep him close and therefore dont hardly move at night.


i let my son - sigmund sleep with me or with us together. I always love to have him in my sleep because I am often away from him because of work. So every time I'm home I'm giving him more of my time including bed times.


I've had some relatives say the usual things about it being a mistake and it'll be hard to get them out but my husband and I love to snuggle up with our son at night.
We try to have him sleep in his crib as much as possible of course, but if he's having a bad night and wakes a lot, or if he stands up in his crib wanting me to take him out then I'll bring him back to sleep with us. If I wake up again during the night and he's still asleep I'll sometimes carry him back to his crib, but most often I will just go back to sleep and keep snuggling. Some of my best childhood memories were crawling into my parents bed in the morning for snuggles before we got ready for school. I want to make the same memories with my son and see no harm in letting your baby sleep with you as long as you are being careful about it.


We let Owen fall asleep in our bed. Then we move him to his crib. There are some nights where he will have a "bad night" lots of crying not sleeping up every half hour. Then we will let him sleep in our bed with us. we have a King bed and he sleeps mostly on my side Just because my husband sleeps harder then me. We are both very aware that he is there so that helps.


I don't. We have special "camp out" nights, where my son can come into my daughter's room and sleep on the floor, and my husband and I will do the same. It is more for him than for her, but she does love having everyone together sometimes.

I do let either one of my children sleep in my bed when they are sick or if their father is working late and they want to be sure to see him before he goes to sleep, but they go to their own bed when he arrives.

When they were tiny we would do it every so often, but it wasn't a regular thing.


Totally up to you, I have personally co-slept with the younger children and don't think it's a problem.

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Should I let my baby sleep with me?
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